Singapore Kingfisher wetlands
Singapore Kingfisher wetlands


The Kingfisher Wetlands


Did you know – 16 out of 40 migratory bird species spotted in Singapore have been known to make an appearance at the Kingfisher Wetlands?

The Kingfisher Wetlands are a nature sanctuary in the heart of Singapore and have recently undergone an upgrade allowing visitors to further explore the diversity of flora and fauna at the Gardens by The Bay. Featuring more than 200 native true mangrove trees and mangrove associates, it providing a new sanctuary in the heart of the city and a place where visitors can take a stroll to enjoy nature.

The area occupies 15,000 sqm (slightly bigger than the size of two football pitches) and is divided into three zones: the Natural Rock & Main Cascades; the King Fisher Cascades; and the Wildlife Lookout. 

The sanctuary connects two existing water bodies, the Lotus Pond and the Kingfisher Lake. Visitors now have a view of newly-created water cascades and streamlets, which help to improve water circulation and aeration to create new aquatic microhabitats for wildlife. 

On the other side of the bridge is the Lotus Pond. Its vegetation, such as long grass, provides a natural habitat for birds and a large diversity of wildlife which include the smooth-coated otter, the lesser whistling duck and the Malayan monitor lizard.

Visit the new Wildlife Lookout Deck to spot birds, reptiles and other animals – an ideal learning adventure for both children and adults. The Kingfisher Wetlands are filled with educational signage that satisfy curious minds about the birds and animals that frequent the wetlands. Savour all that nature has to offer and discover the secrets to biodiversity—thriving right in the heart of an urban world.

Admission is free and the nature sanctuary is open from 5am till 2am. 

Kingfisher wetlands singapore

All images: Gardens by the Bay

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