Taiwan to pay tourists to visit
Taiwan to pay tourists to visit


Paying tourists to visit


Looking for a bargain long-haul trip this year? Head to Taiwan, where plans are afoot to actually pay travellers to come over.

Taiwanese officials are looking to offer a financial incentive of 5,000 New Taiwan Dollars (about $164) per traveler or NT$ 20,000 ($654) for group tours in a bid to help boost flagging tourist levels.

Some half a million foreign vacation-goers are set to benefit from the plan, which was designed to help the government reach its goal of six million visitors by the year’s end.

How will it work?

Chang Shi-chung, director-general of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, said the financial package will be sent digitally to a type of tourist card, ensuring all the cash will go directly back into the country’s tourism sector.

“International tourists who are given NT$5,000 will not receive it until they arrive,” Chang explained. “It will be stored in an electronic ticketing card, which can be used to pay for food, accommodation and other travel expenses during their time here.”

How far will the cash amount go?

Pretty far, actually. Living costs in this part of Asia are cheaper than in many of its bigger neighbors; a weeklong escape could cost you less than the same time spent in many European destinations. In Taiwan’s capital Taipei, you can find five-star hotel rooms for about $84 per night in June for two people. 

Source: www.thepointsguy.com

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