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Sky Lantern Festival


Watching thousands of sky lanterns being released into the sky is an exceptional and enthralling experience. The Lantern Festival, an event celebrated by Chinese descents to mark the end of the Lunar New Year Festival or the 15th day from the Lunar New Year will begin on 10 February this year.

Previously, the alluring lights were used to welcome family members safely from war, so they did not get lost on the way. Over time, it became an annual tradition, celebrated nationwide, and was even crowned as one of the 14 Festivals To Attend Before You Die by Fodor’s. From early morning, people queue to get a good spot in the festival – while the experience itself will only begin at night. Participants can write hopeful wishes on the sides of the lantern before releasing them into the sky.

At the same time in Southern Taiwan, the region will hold the 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan. This festival takes place in different cities every year and Tainan is finally able to hold this big event again after 16 years. This major event is also celebrating the city`s 400th anniversary. Regions to visit include the ever lively Anping Canal and the High Speed Rail area as they will be lit up by collections of skillfully decorated lanterns. 

Expect a lot of auspicious dragon-shaped decorations to welcome the New Year (Year of the Dragon), including the main attraction in the old city gate. The display will officially start on 3 February and will last until 10 March. This is the ideal time to visit Taiwan and enjoy the beauty of cultural traditions in the modern times.

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