Taiwan - Taipei Restaurant Bus
Taiwan - Taipei Restaurant Bus


Taipei Restaurant Bus


As we have been receiving numerous requests for Taiwan, we would like to remind our readers that the Central Epidemic Command Center has announced that from 13th October 2022, the previously mandatory quarantine requirement for international arrivals has been replaced with a 7 day self-initiated epidemic prevention period.

That still sounds wild, but it’s not! On arrival, passengers aged two years and above will receive four self-administered rapid COVID-19 test kits. You will be required to take a rapid test on day 0 or day 1 of your 7 day self-initiated epidemic prevention (SIEP) period and will be permitted to leave your accommodation if you test negative. 

There is no longer any obligation to report your test results to the health authorities. A pre-departure testing is not required, neither is a pre-departure vaccination.

The only way to travel in Taiwan with an on-board restaurant is the double-decked Taipei Restaurant Bus. In a dining car with a glass roof, tour Taipei while admiring the surrounding scenery. The dining room with 26 seats is located on the upper level of the two floors of the bus. The bus has a stereo system, cordless microphones, TVs, and other technology. It can also be utilised for special occasions like conferences and educational programs.

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