Koh Mudsum Thailand
Koh Mudsum Thailand

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Beach of Pigs


Koh Mudsum is truly idyllic. This tiny island located south of Koh Samui is home to beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water, a vibrant reef teeming with fish, and . . .  pigs!

These wild boars are actually very friendly and may even join you in the water for a cooling swim, and the obligatory Instagram shot of course. They are believed to have come from the neighbouring island of Koh Taen. Did they swim across, or did someone bring them over – who knows?

Besides posing for photos with the pigs, the other main activities here are kayaking and snorkelling. Rent a kayak for a few hours and paddle around the island and through the mangroves on the lookout for fish, lizards and water birds. Snorkelling is highly recommended as the environment around the island is so pristine. Otherwise, just find a shady spot, stretch out on the sand and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. There is a bar on the island where you can buy cold drinks and snacks. 

Koh Mudsum offers an escape from the busier beaches on Koh Samui and is reached by long-tail speedboat in just 30 minutes, or you can join a day tour.

Koh Mudsum Thailand
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