Koh Mook Thailand
Koh Mook Thailand


Laidback Island Vibes


Fishermen, rubber farms and coconut plantations – life on the island of Koh Mook in the south of Thailand is like taking a step back in time to simpler days. 

Located between Krabi and Trang, Koh Mook, is home to various beautiful beaches and the Emerald Cave, accessed via the sea. The cave entrance is a small hollow above the water level, high enough for a boat to pass under – or an 80-metre swim. The water at the entrance of the cave is a stunning emerald colour created by sunlight filtering through the water.   

Our recommended hotel on Koh Mook is Sivalai Beach Resort set on a stunning cape of palm fringed white sand. The pristine beaches and clear turquoise waters rich in marine life are visible from both sides of the resort surrounding guests in awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Let your cares drift away while staying in a romantic beach villa, be pampered at the soothing spa and dine on fresh seafood, local and international cuisine at the casual seafront restaurant and bar.  

(All images taken from kohmooksivalia.com)

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