Rai Ruen Rom Thailand
Rai Ruen Rom Thailand


Rustic Farm Stays


Experience authentic Thailand in a peaceful, rustic farm where sustainable living and integrated farming walk hand-in-hand. This is a unique place to recharge, refresh and relax.

Rai Ruen Rom is a community farm and a centre for sustainable life, set in over 80 acres of farmland in a small village near Chiang Rai.

People of all ages from the nearby villages are employed at the farm. They are taught useful skills in the areas of integrated farming, paid fair wages, and treated with respect. The centre also offers them ongoing counsel and consulting in the areas of personal finances, savings, family planning, entrepreneurship, organic farming, sustainable lifestyle, and many other practical skills.  

The restaurant is becoming well-known in Thailand for its consistent quality, taste and freshness. The ingredients are primarily grown and handpicked from the farm, or direct from the village.

Spend a few nights on the farm staying in a tribal-themed tent or in an air-conditioned farm stay room. Get close to nature, view the mountains in the morning and hear the birdsong.

If you want, participate in organic farm life and try your hand at planting and milling rice, and feeding the animals. Learn to cook traditional Thai dishes, find out about edible flowers, craft with bamboo, and dye cloth using natural dyes. 

The farms offers various packages and workshops suitable for people of all ages.

Rai Ruen Rom Thailand
Rai Ruen Rom Thailand
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