Thailand virtual monk
Thailand virtual monk


First virtual monk!


Meet Phra Maha AI – Thailand’s first virtual monk!

As the virtual world expands, it was probably just a matter of time: Thailand is now using artificial intelligence to spread Buddhist messages. 

His name is Phra Maha AI. Thailand’s first virtual monk is 30 years old and looks somehow surprisingly atypical Thai.

He just did his first interview with the Thai media, telling reporters that his Thai creator and developing team were inspired by virtual influencers in different countries. He aspires to propagate the Lord Buddha’s teachings using easily understandable language and good natured preaching, which is easily accessible to the new-generation of Thais.

He also promises to present feel-good and up-to-date content that relates to the everyday lives of the new generation.

Phra Mana AI has accounts on both Instagram and Facebook. One of his posts talks about how the fluctuating cryptocurrency rates relate to life’s ups and downs. He says to be happy when the rate is up, and try to control your mind when the rate goes down. Easily understandable enough, one might think.

Phi Phi Thailand

Images: AI Monk / Thaiger

Info: Thaiger

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