Elegance Underfoot - The Allure of Silk Carpets in Uzbekistan
Elegance Underfoot - The Allure of Silk Carpets in Uzbekistan


Elegance Underfoot

Silk is usually associated with fabrics, after all, silk clothes are so light and pleasant on the body. But carpets? It is unusual to associate such delicate threads with durable carpets. And yet, the skill of Uzbekistan’s artisans has managed to turn these beautiful threads into valuable and unique carpets.

Uzbekistan boasts a rich tradition of carpet weaving that spans centuries. The intricate designs and patterns are a testament to the country’s artistic heritage. Each silk carpet tells a story, reflecting the culture and history of the region.

The main centres for the manufacture of silk carpets in Uzbekistan are Margilan, Bukhara and Samarkand. The uniqueness of the carpets due to the fact that they are hand-woven with the use of primitive hand tools such as a hook and scissors. Silk yarn is also handmade and coloured with natural dyes: pomegranate skins, asparagus stalks, walnut shells and other ingredients which are boiled in large cauldrons to produce the desired colour.

The process is very laborious and slow. Depending on the size and number of knots, a carpet can take from one month to three years of tireless work. The final product – a silk carpet – is expensive but durable and can last for centuries being passed from generation to generation.  

During your time in Uzbekistan it is possible to watch talented artisans demonstrating this ancient art of creating exquisite silk carpets. Just contact us for more details.