Silk & Spices Festival Uzbekistan
Silk & Spices Festival Uzbekistan


Celebrating Silk & Spices


Immerse yourself into the world of oriental tales by learning the history of the Silk & Spices Festival in Uzbekistan and (hopefully soon) experiencing it for yourself!

Dating back over 2500 years, Bukhara city is located in the middle of the famous Great Silk Road. Thousands of years ago, this ancient city bore witness to caravans piled high with silk and spices on their way from China to Europe. 

Nowadays this UNESCO-recognised city preserves its heritage through, perhaps, one of the main cultural events in Uzbekistan – the Silk & Spices Festival. Held annually at the end of May since 2001, the event is striking in its scale, with spectators from all over the world immersing themselves into the Eastern culture.

It starts with a festive procession of locals, performance artists, dancers and acrobats adorned in national costumes. Caravans pass along the streets of Bukhara, creating the impression that you’re witnessing a real journey on the Great Silk Road.

Silk & Spices Festival Uzbekistan

The festival usually lasts two to three days. Various handicrafts, souvenirs, and of course, silk and spices, are readily available to be haggled over.

The programme also includes performances of folklore ensembles from all Uzbekistan as well as national games, artisan workshops, food sampling and even fashion shows. You can also see a demonstration of traditional Uzbek crafts, including carpet weaving, embroidery, pottery, jewellery making, blacksmithing, calligraphy and gold embroidery.

The festival ends with a folklore gala concert in the legendary Poi Kalon architectural complex.

Silk & Spices Festival Uzbekistan
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