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Samarkand is not just home to beautiful UNESCO-listed heritage sites, lbut also boasts some delicious, high-quality Uzbekistani wine!

The climate in Uzbekistan is arid-continental, so it is very important to drink a lot. A perfect option to get the dehydrated body going again is the Khovrenko Winery in Samarkand.

The wine degustation at Khovrenko is an excellent add-on to any excursion programme in Samarkand. Winemaking has a very deep history in Uzbekistan. Varieties of grape grown on the territory of modern Samarkand have a particularly sweet taste, thanks to fertile soil, the mild climate and an abundance of sunlight.

The modern industry was founded by Russian merchant D. Filatov, who opened the first distillery in 1868. In 1927, a famous winemaker M. Khovrenko arrived in Uzbekistan and improved the process by designing modern methods of wine production. 

The winery nowadays produces not only wine, but also cognac and vodka. Guests can visit the museum with its unique collection of wine. The tasting room is located in a historical building of the late 19th century – the house of Filatov. And of course, no one can leave without a tipple or two!

Uzbekistan winery
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