Phong Nha Vietnam
Phong Nha Vietnam


A Hidden Paradise From The Skies


Imagine floating over Phong Nha National Park in a hot air balloon, the turquoise Son River winding below like a giant necklace.

For 45 minutes, witness the vast Phong Nha Cave system from above, peering down into hidden cave entrances nestled within the dramatic limestone cliffs. Admire lush jungles that cover the mountainsides and secret lakes that sparkle between the trees. This peaceful ride gives you a one-of-a-kind, wide-open view, letting you really understand how incredible this place is. As the whisper of the wind soothes you, watch a sunrise or sunset paint the landscape with gold, making your Phong Nha experience unforgettable from a truly breathtaking angle.

Remarks: The tour is only able to organize with a minimum of 10 passengers. The best season is from March to September.

Phong Nha Vietnam
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