Vietnam house under the bodhi tree
Vietnam house under the bodhi tree
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The House under the Bodhi Tree


In the middle of a vast field in Go Cong Dong district in Vietnam, a 100-year-old communal house stands strong, supported by the roots of a Bodhi tree…

Tan Dong, over 100 years old, is well-known as one of the most unique communal houses in Vietnam. The house still stands firm despite its age, thanks to the support of two bodhi trees growing on the roof. The tree roots have reached down, winding themselves around the crumbling walls and plunging deep into the ground. For the local people, the house is considered a treasure – a sacred place.

The house has a main hall, auxiliary rooms and a communal courtyard located in the middle of the overgrown grassland. One of the arches has a carving depicting the year 1907, however, no one knows for sure if that was the year when the house was built. Many people believe that this site dates back to the reign of Emperor Minh Mang.

Recently, the house has taken on a different look after restoration. The wall has been reinforced and wooden doors installed. The space in the house will now become a place for local people to come to worship.

Last year, our staff from ICS Vietnam visited the house and took all these incredible photos.

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